Emergency vet visit

Around 6:30 on Sunday evening, I was drinking a Coors and watching the Giants battle into extra innings with the hated LA Dodgers. I was making tacos and had some flank steak marinating in the fridge and was about to apply my spice rub to some chicken. The only concern I had was if I should have another Coors or make a margarita. Christine, however, was a little worried about our lab CoCo. He had a big fat bloated stomach and was just laying about the house not doing much. I figured he had just eaten something weird (he’s prone to cat feces, dead animals, sticks, etc …). Worried, Christine checked the Internet and soon found that “bloat” is the second leading cause of death in dogs, and that a bloated stomach can indicate the serious condition of a “flipped stomach.” After she read the symptoms, I started to get a little worried myself and we ultimately decided to rush down to the emergency vet clinic on Hammer Lane in Stockton. A half hour and $250 later, we had learned the CoCo had just gorged himself on food. And sure enough, when we got back home and checked the container in which we keep his food, there was a cone like depression in his kibble where he had carved himself out a feast. CoCo’s little repast gained him 10 pounds (bringng him to a hefty 95 pounds) so he’s on a diet of just his two meals and no little treats, or as I tell him, “no snackies for fatties.” Words that I could take to heart myself.

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