What I’m drinking …

It's like candy!

It's like candy!

An authentic German Hefeweizen like Paulaner’s has an irresistible structure and balance. This is not just a beer, but a well designed beer. And not just well designed, but structured in such a way it’s as if you just couldn’t think of a better way to blend the components of water, malt and hops. This beer is truly soft; the ample carbonation isn’t fizzy but instead falls on the beer in silky layers. The beer has  strong notes of banana but those disappear in the finish, which is only marked by the malt and hops.

When I’m drinking an American hefie I’ll usually dunk a slice of lemon in it, but that would be too much acidity for this beer. American beer is light years beyond what it once was, but there are a few types of beer that domestic brewers have not been able to improve or at least emulate and one of those is the German Hefeweizen.

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