Doughnuts and … liquor?

Liquor and doughnuts, like the punchline for a Homer Simpson joke.

Liquor and doughnuts, like the punchline for a Homer Simpson joke.

I never thought about mixing myself up a stiff cocktail and sitting down to a nice plate of doughnuts.
Not even a breakfast eye opener like a Bloody Mary or Screwdriver sound remotely appealing paired with a doughnut.
But in the tiny town of Lockeford, just outside Lodi, there’s a shop selling just that combination. About a year ago, the new owner of a bar put out a sign proudly proclaiming that liquor and doughnuts were to be had on the premises. A former colleague of mine at the paper included the shop in a story about odd business combinations. The store has a bar, two billiards tables and a display case for doughnuts.
It still seems strange to me, but I bet you there’s some disenfranchised sous chef in New York or LA that’s trying to dream up the next hot culinary trend.
He’s got it! Doughnuts and Liquor! I can just see it, a ginger infused vodka mixed with boysenberry juice and fresh sprigs of dill served straight up in a martini glass and paired with mini doughnuts with a maple and cinnamon glaze.
Perhaps the next big culinary trend may really have its roots with an entrepreneur in Lockeford.

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