Big bottles

Lodi recently hosted a bike race in which the winners were awarded six liter bottles of wine. I was chatting with our sports reporter about the event and she mentioned how she had never seen bottles so big. I told her there are even bigger bottles and that I believe the six liter bottle has its own name. A quick Google search brought up the whole list of the big boys.

Here’s a quick run down:

Bottle: 750 ml

Magnum: 1.5 liters

Double Magnum: 3 liters

Jeroboam: 4.5 liters

Imperial: 6 liters

Salmanazar: 9 liters

Balthazar: 12 liters

Nebuchadnezzar: 15 liters

There are a few other bottle names depending on if it’s still or sparkling wine, but these are pretty much the varying sizes. Many of these big bottles were introduced by Champagne producers.

I love the Biblical names for some of the real big bottles, it seems so fitting because a 15 liter bottle of wine is truly almost of Biblical proportions. Or as our photographer Dan-O  said after I told him to enjoy a quiet night and drink a Nebuchadnezzar of wine: “Yeah I’m going to go home and drink a swimming pool of wine.”

But really, how cool would you be if you showed up at a party with a bottle like what these French guys are displaying?

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