Drinkin links

Friends of this blog who may have attended Justin-Siena with me back in the old days may remember a kid a few grades below us by the name of Morgan Twain-Peterson. He’s the son of the founder of Ravenswood winery and seemed destined to be in the wine biz. This flattering profile in the Chron’s wine section reveals he did find his way into the wine industry with his Bedrock label that is earning top scores for its Sonoma wines.

Who care who wins the Super Bowl, the game represents everything I dislike about American culture: watching TV, overconsumption and crass commercialism. Here’s a funny drinking game to play during the broadcast, because everyone does have to watch it.

The most talented ribs cook in American Canyon and my good friend John W. tipped me to http://www.redhook.com site with all the latest news from RedHook brewery. I tend to avoid business sites but the RedHook one is pretty cool with a funny blog and some interesting tidbits on limited release beers. I’ll never forget when I graduated from UO we celebrated with a full keg of RedHook Chinook copper ale that lasted all of about six hours. Big John did a couple of keg stands, some shots and punched a dude in the face during a game of frisbee.

If you hate your job then don’t read this because Zane Lamprey has a great gig. He hosts and produces the show Drinking Made Easy in which he and his crew of boozers travel the county seeking out the best bars, breweries, wineries distilleries or anything else with potent potables. I’ve watched the show a few times and it’s great because unlike other beverage shows in which boring hosts have awkward conversations with people and then sip at beverages before announcing bland proclamations like “Livermore wine country is the place to be!” the dudes at Drinking Made Easy get drunk. You can watch the progression from sober to drunk through an episode. My favorite was when they were in a New Orleans bar and challenged each other to eat maschimo cherries that had been soaking in Everclear. Ugggh. The latest episode in Salt Lake was kinda lame because, well, Utah is lame.

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