An antiquated medium? Why start blogging again?

It’s been about three years since I posted regularly on this blog, and in that time my career has changed, I’ve grown a few years older and the bloom has rather faded off the rose of blogging. Many of the wine blogs I regularly read question the need or even future of wine blogs and the very idea of blogging is also in some doubt because of the exponential increase in the functionality and use of social media networks.

During the hiatus of The UncorkedLife much of what I very well may have posted here, instead went to Facebook and Instagram, although I never really have enjoyed the former and am still trying to get a handle on the latter. I know Twitter is quite popular but the brevity of the medium hinders creative content and the multitude of users creates a cacophony of blather. The best description of Twitter I’ve ever read is that unless you’re famous, using Twitter is like talking to yourself at a crowded cocktail party.

My dissatisfaction with social medial and other factors bring me back to an old-fashioned blog. I was also motivated to make this return after a series of seemingly random events converged. One was several months ago I re-read all the old blog posts here and while I cringed at the naivety of some of them, others I found pretty entertaining and it reminded me why I enjoyed doing this. While blogging may be out-of-date, many people still find some success and you can find some great content on blogs. At the magazine, the editorial team has been planning and organizing a blog for our website (I know real cutting edge stuff for a magazine right?). Using our rinky-dink, in-house blog template made me yearn for the simplicity of the WordPress system and planning for the magazine’s blog made me recall all of the countless blog posts I’ve left unposted over the past three years.

I’ve also been on this journey into The Uncorkedlife for some time now and have more to share about wine, beer, spirits and the good life in wine country. Looking through the photos I’ve downloaded to my desktop in the past few years reminded me I’ve done some pretty cool stuff and I’d like to write about it in a casual, independent format. I’ll dip into these old experiences every now and then just to highlight some of the experiences I’ve enjoyed relatively recently.

As we all begin a new year, I’m excited to restart the blog. Maybe it will slip into hiatus again but so what, it’s not like I ever made a damn cent doing this!

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