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Goodbye you screaming, hairy man

It’s interesting how a brand of liquor can hold sentimental value for you.

I recently finished off my last bottle of Demidoff vodka. My father somehow picked up a case of this stuff from one of his many associates in the spirits industry. He’s not a vodka drinker so the case sat in a box in our garage until I discovered it when I was about 19 years old. I “liberated” quite a few of the bottles in my pre 21 years. I recall several parties at which people gave me a hard time for bringing some weird vodka they had never seen before. (But that’s kinda the rule with vodka drinkers isn’t it?  I mean if they’re drinking vodka they obviously aren’t that adventurous.) But even if they gave me a hard time, they didn’t mind taking shots of the stuff.

After I turned 21 I pretty much forgot about the vodka in the garage unless I needed a bottle in a pinch, like when a party started to run dry. Just a few months ago, however, my dad and I were cleaning out the garage and he unloaded the remaining bottles of Demidoff off on me. To be honest when I had them in my own freezer, I went through them a little quicker. I have never seen that brand in any liquor store anywhere. For me it had always been this unique vodka that I could only find in my parents’ garage. Perhaps I’ll never drink it again, but for me, this obscure brand at least had a subtle pull back to my youth.

Oh, and the back label had this awesome image: