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What I’m drinking …

The new White X white blend from X Winery.

The new White X white blend from X Winery.

A little sweetness every now and then, it ain’t a bad thing.

Now, for full disclosure I should say that X Winery is where Christine works, but that has not infringed upon my objectivity as a journalist. I’ve been enjoying X’s new white blend, appropriately called White X. This is a novel blend of mostly sauvy b with some Chardonnay and Muscat Blanc and a touch of Roussanne. The Muscat and Roussanne give the wine some sweetness that never gets cloying or overpowering. I usually avoid anything sweet like the plague but I honestly find the White X to be a refreshing and enjoyable summer sipper. The wine has a subtle, floral aroma that’s backed with rich buttery fruit flavors.

This wine would be a great conversation starter at a summer barbecue, and it’s something that people new to wine would enjoy and find easy to appreciate.

CoCo enjoyed the White X but said blending Sauvignon Blanc with Chardonnay made him nervous.